Bhugol GIS Pvt. Ltd. is a young enterprise built on decades of research experience. We draw upon the talent of experienced researchers in the fields of Geographical Information Systems and Image Processing to provide a wide range of products and services. In addition we also offer training and capacity building to enable your team to meet all your GIS and IP needs. In addition to the strong research backbone we have a young and talented team of software developers that give Bhugol the edge in developing customized applications for fulfilling your GIS requirements.

The Bhugol GIS team prides itself in developing indegeneous GIS software solutions, at the forefront of which is GRAM++, a GIS software package developed wholly by the efforts of the team at CSRE, IIT Bombay. Bhugol GIS is the sole distributor for marketing GRAM++, which already has a user base of more than 300 across the country. Further information regarding GRAM++ is available in the Products section of our website.

In addition the Bhugol GIS team has worked with many State Governments and Government organizations in bringing GIS to assist planners and workers at the grass root level. We have also run over thirty training programmes of durations ranging from one day workshops to two week intensive courses covering everything from the basics of GIS to advanced GIS tools and techniques.

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