Raster Analysis Kit is a tool for spatial modeling. In GIS environment spatial modeling is an important requirement in applications like land suitability analysis, soil erosion assessment, watershed delineation, water resources budgeting and environmental impact studies.

To facilitate spatial modeling, theRaster Analysis Kit supports Map Algebra, Regroup, Watershed Delineation and Digital Image Enhancement, Transformation and Classification. Functions available in the Kit are helpful in importing data from other raster formats and georeferencing to help integrate data sets from multiple sources like conventional and remote sensing. The Kit supports preparation of cartographic layouts, 3D visualization of raster data sets, and processing of remotely sensed images.

The Modules of this tool are:

  • Input/Output: Data input/Output in a GIS is a very broad description - where the data of different sources and formats can be imported and same can be exported through this module.

  • GeoTrans: GeoTrans helps in Geo-Registration of maps of various scales and resolutions by selection of ground control points and resampling.

  • Image Processing: Digital image processing support is essential in GIS to handle raster data sets such as satellite remotely sensed images, and scanned maps. A custom header is designed in GRAM++ which is appended to every raster image imported into the raster database.

  • Raster Analysis: Classified images, and thematic maps are analyzed using the raster analysis module. With this module basic arithmetic functions (like addition, subtraction,etc), regrouping (class and range), Buffering.

  • Raster Layout: The end result of a spatial analysis is often a visual product, such as computer display, or a hard copy. Extensive research has gone into the visualization problem, so that the final outcome of a GIS based analysis is appropriately displayed to make it easy to interpret and use by a planner or a non-technical user.This module provide all layout features.

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